Nothing but Nature

measurements are

79" x 24" x 15"

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Nothing but Nature

We specialize in hand-crafted wooden caskets


Diane and Phil Sherry
in their showroom

Hand-crafted caskets
We build fine quality, doweled caskets and offer them to the public at affordable prices. Our stained, lined casket fits into a standard vault and is accepted by all funeral homes.

Custom-ordered caskets can be altered to fit your needs at no additional fee.

Nothing but Nature uses high grade, locally grown hardwoods because we feel that working with natural materials feeds the soul and keeps us grounded in Nature's simple perfection.
Nothing but Nature
Hand-crafted, affordable caskets
Phil and Diane Sherry
9780 Road 171
Oakwood, OH 45873

Please call (419) 594-2438 for an appointment or e-mail Nothing but Nature

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